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Welcome to my online portfolio.

In this site, you'll find background information about our company,and what type of projects we do as well as photographs of our work, and updated information on any new products launched. "What's New" section.

Thladi Cleaning & Industrial Coatings have been operating in South Africa since October 1998.We are a Specialist Contracing Company and have supplied specialist applications to some of the largest and smallest projects and are proud of our record of service to the Industry.We are confident that the system offered by ourselves on nominated contracts will be correct in terms of specified requirements, and we have the necessary infrastruture, financial resources and technical expertise to provide the required assistance to compliment the resources of the client.Thladi Cleaning and Industrial Coatings has access to the very lates available technology and this enables us to continue to provide our customers with first class, top quality, locally manufactured products at competitive prices. The enviable track record amply demonstrates the ability of Thladi Cleaning and Industrial Coatings to perform the highest standards when our clients need it most. IN line with our Company mission, Thladi Cleaning and Industrial Coatings personnel continually strive to assist and enhance the performance of our partners in Industry - our customers.


Photographs of Paintings


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